LIL BEAR 小迷熊护照套

You must be wondering why m i showing so many actually, i just wannat show u the design of the passport holder. Look at the last picture, showing the normal passport holder which i got it from travel agency. i found that its very troublesome to take out the front cover when we need to. so i purposely design it in this way, a removable holder for the front cover!! lol.. nice? then, a small pocket at the back for putting important notes, "hard cover design" and the main charactor~~~  LIL BEAR BEAR~~ yay~ ^^

我放那么多照片的原因是因为我要清楚解释这个护照套的设计!看看最后一张照片,是一个我从旅行社拿到的免费普通的护照套。因为常常需要把首页从护照套里拔除来,所以用酱子的护照套是超麻烦的!所以呢, 我设计了一个酱子的护照套;套着首页且可以灵活打开的带子!!变的超方便的!!然后,在后页有一个小口袋,可以装一些重要小纸条;硬身设计;

Name: L I L    B E A R   P A S S P O R T   H O L D E R  
Price: RM 55